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We feel pride in letting you know that one of our esteemed travellers – Mac Rogers, published a book describing his South Indian experience with us. For more information on the book look up ISBN: 978-1-84748-293-8

Keki and Freny Engineer, London
Prince Carriers truly provide a princely service to their customers. It is brilliantly managed by Rusi and Dinu Billimoria with the backup of an exceptionally caring and attentive staff. We had a spectacular trip by road to South India that began at Bangalore and took us to Mysore, Bandipur (our encounter with baby elephant Nusri at the elephant camp was pure magic), Ooty, Mettapalyam, Kodaikanal, Thekkady, Kovalam, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Trichy and Pondicherry and Puttaparthy. A traveller however enthusiastic does not enjoy an unbroken travelling ecstasy. He has periods of tiredness, periods when he questions the object of all these exertions and asks himself whether or not he is really enjoying his trip. We didn’t feel this way at all with Prince Carriers.

We felt at home. We felt safe and sound and comfortable and were privileged to be excellently guided throughout the trip. We were not rushed at any time and when it all ended after three weeks on the road we were left delightfully fresh and relaxed in every way. We didn’t meet just a smart tour operator, we met true friends when we met Prince Carriers. We learned a lot by observing different faces of nature and people when we travelled with Prince Carriers. We learned more than we could ever have done by reading books. At the end of the tour, we realized the ultimate truth – we may read any quantity of books and remain as ignorant as ever unless we observe and sharpen our observing faculties. It was indeed a memorable and successful trip with them. No matter how far we travel, pleasant memories subsequently follow and remembrance remains like a lingering perfume. We hope we can travel with them once more and wish them the best of luck.

Amanda Fisher, Australia
My family and I have been travelling with Prince Carriers for 10 years now. Rusi and Dinu are like members of our family. The reasons we use them for all our trips in India are: ~ Reliable, honest and prompt service. ~ Wonderful safe drivers. ~ Clean, comfortable and roomy vehicles. ~ Service with a smile and a wonderful chat too. I have written up about Prince Carriers on my blog: I encourage you to use Prince Carriers for your next trip ~ you won’t find better in the whole of India!

Paul Fisher, Australia
Rusi and his drivers have driven our family throughout southern India. With Dinu’s organisational skill Prince Carriers is the best. Rusi makes us feel safe in the car and is always happy to help with last minute changes to the itinerary. The icing on the cake is being able to talk with Rusi about the real India that only locals know. I recommend Rusi for a hire car service if you want experience hassle free travel in India.

Suzanne Harrel, USA
As soon as I learned about Prince Carriers and their fine reputation, I soon determined that I would travel only with their taxis. After 12 years in India, I still have not encountered any other company that equals Prince in terms of safe and courteous drivers who are trained by Rusi personally, carefully maintained cars, insured cars, etc.. Prince Carriers is the best in all categories. Prince epitomizes the character and integrity of Rusi and Dinu Billimoria, two of the finest people I have met anywhere.

Denise Oades, Australia
I have been travelling with Prince Travels for many years, and have been blessed to have driven both with Rusi and all their wonderful safe drivers. I had a memorable trip round Rajasthan a few years ago and have had countless trips back and forth to Puttaparthi as well as journeys through South India. I cannot find enough superlatives to describe the care and warmth Rusi and Dinu have showered on me over the miles and years, but when I land at Bangalore and see those smiling faces I feel I have come home.

Asha and Ramesh Gupta, Winnipeg, Canada
We are so happy to have met Rusi and Dinu in 2007 through one of our friends, and since then have travelled with them every year and have taken trips extensively in Southern India. During our Sai Pilgrimages to Prashanthi in India in 2008 and then in 2010, they helped us co-ordinate a number of our trips. Their loving help and service is far beyond anything we have ever experienced.

Marta Rose, USA
My friends and I have been using the services of Prince Carriers for many years. I have used a variety of driving and tour companies since I began visiting India annually in 1989. Once I found out about and used the services of Prince Carriers I never switched companies or drivers again. Rusi is absolutely the best driver I have ever encountered in my many trips to India. He and Dinu take impeccable care of their clients. I know that my trip will be well planned and I always feel that my comfort and that of my travel companions will be well attended to. Rusi is always prepared with suggested accommodations, routes and sites to see on our many road trips. I love my adventures in India and Rusi and Dinu are a large part of all my trips.


2 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. South India is captivating in its own way, from the refreshing backwaters to the soothing hill stations or the holy shrines; the states here are filled with unique experiences that are sure to lure the visitors.
    Having just a long weekend we did manage to have a wonderful refreshing, relaxing and a fun trip down south of India,thanks to rusi and dinu (RUSDIN). A perfectly planned and arranged trip to bangalore,mysore,ooty made this diwali a special one. Everything in southern india has a different flavour. From the language,primarily tamil to the vegetarian cuisine-thalis,dosa’s to the terrain. Rusi has possibly made us taste the best food and has made sure that we experience the best. Travelling with rusi was fun as he is such a jovial and a happy go lucky person. Talking about a road trip who else could be a better person to take us around Mr rusi himself. With an experience of 30 years and more he has managed to satisfy his customers in every possible way. A big thanks and cheers to RUSDIN for making our trip a comfortable one.

  2. What a fantastic time Rusi provided us, with his exceptional knowledge and safe driving throughout our trip to Mysore & back.

    I have lived and grown up in Bangalore for most of my childhood & teenage years. I now live in the UK and come back home on vacation from time to time. Every time I come back the traffic seems to be worse than the last time and so I require a taxi service as I cannot get to grips with driving in India anymore. You can be sure that I will ask Rusi for his or his driver’s assistance.

    Driving in India is extremely difficult and having someone who is careful and thoughtful is what you really want. Especially, if you are doing long trips with continuous driving for long lengths.

    Our journey started in Bangalore with a smiling and calm face greeting us at our front door. The drive through Bangalore, to get us to the outskirts, was as eventful as always. The bustling and horn warnings of traffic is a constant reminder of how alive the city really is. Once, out of the city we were asked if we would like to stop for a spot to eat and a clean restroom to which we both agreed would be a good idea. Breakfast was delicious and the restroom was actually very clean. We then went onto Mysore and looked for where we were booked to stay for 3 nights. Rusi, found the place with no problem and dropped us off. We said that we would meet him in the evening and that he would then take us around the city which is what he did every day showing us the various sites in and around Mysore.

    Rusi, is an extremely patient and very easy going person. Anytime we requested something that would normally be off the beaten track he was always willing to be accommodating and welcoming. With his assistance we were able to do Chamundhi Hills, the Palace, the Sandal Wood factory, the Silk factory, Brindavin Gardens, lots of lovely places to shop and eat. On the way back to Bangalore we decided that it might be an idea to go via the Shivasamudran Falls which was a little bit out of the way but he took us there and we had an absolute fabulous trip.

    Thank you very much and I would recommend Rusi all the time.

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